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Maximilian Genealogy Subscription Database Version 11.0.2

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Maximilian Genealogy Subscription Database Version 11.0.2


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VERSION 11.0.2 OF THE DATABASE IS NOW ONLINE. DONT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE EVER GROWING NUMBERS OF SATISFIED SUBSCRIBERS AT A LOW LOW COST! You can pay via the store with a Paypal account or via Paypal using your debit / credit card.

Version 11.0.2 Upgrade now available. MOBILE & TABLET FRIENDLY. Over 120 enhancements (Google Maps, Now over 150000 people, 4 new languages - Croatian, Italian, Polish, Serbian - PDF Reports). If you have not subscribed yet please see the

Sample Db for new features. Google Maps and many new features Now Available.
Languages now online: Afrikaans, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish.

NB. The language files only affect the navigation within the database, not the content, which is written in English. (most peoples 2nd language so you should find no problems).

Once you have paid your subscription, you will be able to search the database to get a direct link to that person's pedigree etc. and of course unlimited access to the whole database, as and when you like, for life.
Only Paypal is accetable on our E-store for all orders. I will NOT however accept eCheques anymore due to the excessive time PayPal take to clear them - 12 days the last time. - Thank you.


When entering PayPals on line service you will be leaving this website entering a secure area. Personal data entered at Paypal cannot be recorded or made available to Maximilian Genealogy.
ONE PAYMENT FOR LIFETIME USE. Version 11 is now online - subscribe now before price increase. Over 100 new features. Regular updates - 6000+ images - 1000's biogs/histories - Now over 150000 people - Goto to see live page. If you sign up for a Free Trial and then subscribe you can get a £5 discount on the usual price of £30. WHY WAIT?

Product Code: MAXB96A92

Manufacturer: Maximilian Genealogy

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